'Belmond Napoléon'- Rhône River (2016)

Spacious, comfortable 'Belmond Napoleon' offers guests three decks, with a hot tub for watching sun-drenched life along the sparkling Rhône River. Enjoy views of sleepy vineyards, Roman ruins, medieval towns, olive groves and the magnificent landscapes often depicted in the paintings of Vincent van Gogh. Experience a truffle farm, a lavender distillery and Pont du Gard, a true masterpiece of ancient architecture. Sip award-winning wines from Côtes du Rhône. And return after every excursion to your richly appointed home away from home to enjoy a glass of Champagne or stroll along the towpath before a gourmet dinner. Unique itineraries can be arranged for chartering parties with special interests, such as wine appreciation or cooking.

Time Event Description
30th Nov -0001
'Belmond Napoléon'- Rhône River (2016) Meet in Paris and transferto the rail station for the train toValence. Join ‘Belmond Napoléon,’ moored at Tainl’Hermitage, where a welcome receptionawaits. Later, attend a wine tasting at Mr. Ferraton's wineryand enjoy dinneron board the barge.
1st Dec -0001
'Belmond Napoléon'- Rhône River (2016) After breakfast, relax ondeck and watch the beautiful scenery ofthe Rhône Valley glide by. At Viviers,your overnight mooring, take a walkingtour through town and, time permitting,enjoy a game of pétanque with the crew.
2nd Dec -0001
'Belmond Napoléon'- Rhône River (2016) In the fortified medievalmarket town of Nyons, the oliveproducing capital of France, visit an18th-century mill and a lavenderdistillery. After lunch in Grignan, learnabout truffles at a local farm and tastethe area’s famous “black diamonds,”the world’s most expensive mushrooms.Rejoin ‘Belmond Napoléon’ and cruise toSt-Etienne des Sorts.
3rd Dec -0001
'Belmond Napoléon'- Rhône River (2016) Taste the wines ofChâteauneuf-du-Pâpe today, followed bya leisurely lunch on board. Cruise toAvignon, where you embark on anexcursion to Pont du Gard, part of anancient Roman aqueduct that is threelevels and stands almost 165 feet high.
4th Dec -0001
'Belmond Napoléon'- Rhône River (2016) A guided walking tourin Avignon includes the Palace of thePopes and the Cathedral of Notre Dame.After lunch on board, ‘Belmond Napoléon’ cruisesto Arles during the afternoon for anexcursion to the cliff-top village of lesBaux-de-Provence.
5th Dec -0001
'Belmond Napoléon'- Rhône River (2016) Embark on a walking tourof Arles, where Vincent van Goghonce lived, and cruise to Avignonduring lunch. Later, visit St-Rémy,the birthplace of Nostradamus, andenjoy an olive oil tasting at a traditional18th-century Provençal bastide (countryhouse). A gala farewell dinner awaits back on board.
6th Dec -0001
'Belmond Napoléon'- Rhône River (2016) Disembark after breakfastand transfer to Avignon’s rail stationfor the train to Paris, where yourjourney ends.

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